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I am printing a chunk from inputstream by using

int skip = in.skip(1024); //skip first 1024b

int end = in.available(); // remaining size in b

for (int i = skip; i < end; i++) {

    //prints chunk of data from in-stream from skip till end



instead of printing from skip to end, i want to compress the bytes between skip to end (in.read()) can someone help me to first compress and then decompress the same

i tried this

FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(ChunkZipName);
GZIPOutputStream chunkZipper = new GZIPOutputStream (fos); 
for (int i = skip; i < end; i++) {
chunkZipper.write(in.read()); }

but it write only 10bytes.. remaining bytes r skipped ... is this correct usage of GZIPOutputStream ???

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Use GZipInputStream and GZipOutputStream. –  Mister Smith Mar 22 '12 at 8:11

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Just wrap a GZIPOutputStream / GZIPInputStream around your real stream.

out = new GZIPOutputStream (out);

BTW: If you want to really skip exactly 1024 bytes you have to check the return value of skip and repeat with the remaining bytes because in some cases (buffers) the method does not skip fully to the desired position.

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