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I currently have a database that consist of many linked objects.

Simplified with less objects:

Song => Versions => Info

Now I understand that I can eager load all these objects when using


However, when I just want 1 song with its data this will cause to load all the songs and all the references.

Is there an easier way like :


Or do I really have to use:

foreach( Version version in versions)

It is doable if you have a few related objects, but I am having like 10 objects that have subojects themselves too...

Please show me a better way.

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You just write this:

var song = (from s in db.Song.Include("Versions.Data").Include("Versions.Info")
           where s.ID == 1 // i.e. some filter here
           select s).First();

If for some reason this doesn't actually do the 'Include' (it might fail if you do interesting things in your where clause) check this Tip out for a workaround: Tip 22 - How to make Include really Include

Hope this helps


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But does that not load first all the songs and references and then select the first one? IE: Does it really only load the references of song with id=1? – Peterdk Jun 16 '09 at 10:31
It only loads the references to song 1. – Alex James Jun 16 '09 at 19:54

You could also write it like (in VB)

dim song = db.Song.Include("Versions.Data").Include("Versions.Info").Where(Function(s) s.ID = 1).FirstOrDefault()
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