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I have a simple Android application that uses a JAR I have built. When trying to generate the final archive I get the above error. While exporting the JAR I excluded AndroidManifest.xml. I tried cleaning the project and removing ic_launcher.png from the JAR but then I received an error when trying to build the JAR. Any ideas?

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Your JAR file must not contain same files as in your main project. Rename ic_launcher.png to something else.

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thanks, any ideas why does it happen? –  Nitesh Verma Jun 30 '14 at 5:32
@Nitesh Verma because after compiling all res files are "merged" in one R file where all id's are stored. If two files have the same name it means they have same id which leads to conflict. –  Dmytro Danylyk Jun 30 '14 at 7:49

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