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Currently i am trying to run load test on a five node openstack cluster using tsung. So far i managed to upload text based files. However when it comes to other types of file like zip tsung cannot send http requests to Openstack server.

<request subst='true'>
<http url='http://storagehost:port/v1/AUTH_tenant1/CONTAINER/file.zip' contents_from_file='/home/user/file-.zip' method='PUT'>
<http_header name="X-Auth-Token" value="999888777666"/>
<http_header name="Content-Type" value="application/zip" />

This script works fine for the text based files with extension .txt,.xml etc. Any suggestions on how to do it with zip files?


Problem was making the content_from_file dynamic. With problem setting the values this script has no problem uploading files if you define Content-Type correctly.

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Not sure about Tsung but I doubt the problem is with Swift. If it's able to receive txt files it should have no trouble with anything else.

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