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This summer I want to start writing my diploma thesis. I’m member of a fire brigade and working for 8 years as a dispatcher in the Emergency call center. I wrote a dispatching software some time ago (working on LAN helping 1 district to coordinate their emergencies). Time changed – every district is now responsible for each other (if 1 district has no dispatcher another district takes over). So i want to write geographic distributed dispatching software and need some basic help for decisions. Some thoughts:

1.) All district call centers are connected via VPN

2.) Every emergency has a workflow (using Windows Workflow Foundation since external systems are involved)

3.) I used MSMQ since now – works great. So I would like to use it again. But is it good for geographic distributed locations? What about Linda Model / JavaSpaces? This is one of my main decisions at the moment – which middleware? Peer-2-Peer?

4.) Notification: I used PGM MSMQ - it is a very, very nice feature in LAN. But what about geographic distributed location? Should I build an ATOM endpoint for publishing information for other locations?

5.) How good does stream replication in SQL Server 2008 R2 (or 2012?) work over geographic distributed locations? Is it better to do it by hand with the SQL Message Broker? Or Sync Framework after some time?

6.) Windows 8 comes – every call center has 3 monitors for each call taker – will it still be possible to write a WPF app for 3 monitors (metro app for dispatchers won’t work – I think)

I hope anybody can help me – lots of open questions I fear that I do wrong decisions myself :-S Thanks a lot!!!!

PS: For those who don’t know what a dispatcher software does: The dispatcher takes the call and enters information into the software: what happened and where does it happen (basically). After this some brigades get alarmed and in the district a workflow starts in the software (alarm -> driving to the place of emergency -> doing some stuff -> other forces … -> … -> end of emergency). Depending on the complexity I would like to distinguish between to cases:

  • Other districts just see emergency entries – but can’t edit them (simple to accomplish I think)

  • Other districts can take over the emergency at any time – so move the edit privilege to another geographic location

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What exactly do you mean by 'distributed' - distributed infrastructure (servers)? –  home Mar 22 '12 at 15:27
Each district has its own call center - in the call center there are several dispatcher seats (1 seat has 3 monitors, a phone and a radio). Now all districts are connected together (geographic 16.400 km² with 20 districts -> 20 call centers). So the information what happens in all districts should be distributed / coordinated –  damike Mar 22 '12 at 16:01

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