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I hava a table like this:

<table id="myTable"><tr>
  <td class="col" style="background-color:red" onclick="funct1()"></td>
  <td class="col" style="background-color:blue" onclick="funct2()"><td>

How can I invoke click function if I know only css background-color properties?

I would need a JQuery function like this (pseudo-code):

if ('$(#myTable > col ) have background-color = "blue" '){
  $(col with background-color blue).click();

Thanks to all

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What have you tried? –  kapa Mar 22 '12 at 8:26

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 $('myTabel > .col').filter(function(){
      return $(this).css('background-color') == 'blue'

Or if it's inline style:

 $('myTabel > .col[style="background-color:blue"]').click();

But you really should give those elements a css class which effect their color:

<table id="myTable"><tr>
  <td class="col red"  onclick="funct1()"></td>
  <td class="col blue" onclick="funct2()"><td>

Then select it like that:

$('#myTable >.col.blue').click();
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Give them another class like bg-red, bg-blue then you could use $('.col').hasClass('bg-red')

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You do it even simpler: $(.col.bg-red) :-) –  gdoron Mar 22 '12 at 8:36
@gdoron Yeah, you are right –  slash197 Mar 22 '12 at 8:38

There is no effective way to do it but you could select everything and reduce the set manually like this:

$( '*' ).filter( function( index ) {
    return $( this ).css( 'background-color' ) == '#0000ff';
} ).click();
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