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I need to make some permission changes on a MS SQL server (2005) database. Some tables read only for all but dbo, some tables read-write for all etc. In the past I used the management program that came on the SQL server disk. That is not an option for me right now. I cannot find a place in visual studio to alter table permissions. Does visual studio have that feature?

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why can't you use ssms? –  DForck42 Jun 11 '09 at 16:08
I do not have the disk handy and I was unaware of the SQL Server Management Studio Express free download. –  rschuler Jun 11 '09 at 16:10

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Can you download SQL Server Management Studio Express?

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GRANT for tables:

GRANT <permission> [ ,...n ] ON 
    [ OBJECT :: ][ schema_name ]. object_name [ ( column [ ,...n ] ) ]
    TO <database_principal> [ ,...n ] 
    [ AS <database_principal> ]

<permission> ::=
    ALL [ PRIVILEGES ] | permission [ ( column [ ,...n ] ) ]

<database_principal> ::= 
    | Database_role 
    | Application_role 
    | Database_user_mapped_to_Windows_User 
    | Database_user_mapped_to_Windows_Group 
    | Database_user_mapped_to_certificate 
    | Database_user_mapped_to_asymmetric_key 
    | Database_user_with_no_login


GRANT SELECT ON dbo.YourTable TO YourUser
GRANT INSERT ON dbo.YourTable TO YourUser
GRANT DELETE ON dbo.YourTable TO YourUser
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you could always use the command line to alter the permissions.

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Visual Studio 2008 does not have this ability and I don't see it included in the future editions either.

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