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i have an input csv file with columns position_Id, Asofdate, etc which has to be loaded into staging table. In my table, columns Position_Id, AsofDate are primary keys. We receive this input file for very 2 hours. For Exmaple, we recived File at 10 Am today, and that files loads into table.And after 2 more hours we recived another file whcih contains of same data as of the file which we recived 2 hours back and data loads into table.

Now my table contains the data of the file that we recived at 10 Am and 12 pm. At 12:10 pm we received modified input file with different data inside it. Now, my actual requirement is, before the latest input file (12:10 Pm) data is loaded int table, it has to see that only new and updated data has to be loaded into the table.
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Have you ever heard of the term Upsert? Here are examples of how to upsert (insert new records and update existing records).

  1. This blog walks you through Upserting using a lookup in a dataflow.
  2. This stackoverflow answer provides links to explaining and setting up a merge.
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