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I should split a long text for being shown within as much column as needed. For instance i've got a 80 lines text and i want to show it within two textview longer then larger one next to the other one, each one with a maxlines of 60. Any suggestions for doing that?

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I know this is an old question, but even though ... maybe have a look here : http://www.accella.net/multi-column-text-displays-in-android/

you need to display your text into a first textview, then get what does not appear in that first textview, then display it in a second textview and so on. To get the "invisible" text from your textview, here is some code:

private String getInvisibleText(final TextView textView) {
    String invisible = null;
    int height    = textView.getHeight();
    int scrollY   = textView.getScrollY();
    Layout staticLayout = textView.getLayout();

    int lastVisibleLineNumber  = staticLayout.getLineForVertical(scrollY+height);
    int start = staticLayout.getLineEnd(lastVisibleLineNumber);
    int end = staticLayout.getLineEnd(textView.getLineCount()-1);

    if (textView.getText().toString() != null
            && !textView.getText().toString().isEmpty() 
            && end > 0
            && textView.getText().toString().length() >= end) {
        invisible = textView.getText().toString().substring(start, end);    
    return invisible;
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nice tip! could be usefull in the future! Thanks! –  Lorenzo Sciuto Feb 4 '13 at 8:34
could you sovle your initial problem ? could you make it work in any other way? (I am also looking for some better way to do ;) –  Rocel Feb 4 '13 at 9:43

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