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I have a page where a user can upload a file along with some other input. Because I wanted this to be AJAX-like, I resorted to using an iFrame to accomplish this.

After the file is uploaded in the iFrame, I need to update a DIV outside of the iFrame with an AJAX call. The reason for separate updates, is that the result of the outside DIV depends on the input that the user provided with the file input.

To update the results I use this little code that works perfectly:

$('#results', parent.document).load("process.php");

The problem is that the jquery in the parent document (process.php) quit working after load(). So everything that use jQuery doesnt work anymore.

Someone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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Need a bit more info, like what else is happening JS wise. I assume you have ruled out JS error, is there anything in your developer console? Are there any scripts coming back from process.php? – Will Hancock Mar 22 '12 at 9:47
@WillHancock, everything in the process.php works accept the jQuery. Before uploading the jQuery in process.php works perfectly. – Leon van der Veen Mar 22 '12 at 9:58

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