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I am new to the mongo db.I just installed it over my ubuntu 11.04 system and when I typed mongo in terminal it showed like this

MongoDB shell version: 1.6.3
Thu Mar 22 15:07:33 *** warning: spider monkey build without utf8 support.  consider rebuilding with utf8 support
connecting to: test

Can some one tell me where I am wrong and how to solve this problem.Ant help and suggestions will be highly appreciable.

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Have you installed the right package? Did you try this solution? realguess.net/node/166 –  Mikey Mar 22 '12 at 9:57

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The Ubuntu repositories have a very old version of mongoDB - the current stable branch is 2.0 at the time of writing and yours is 1.6, you could try fixing the error but it's not really worth it. You should get an up to date version from the official 10gen repos as described here and uninstall the one you have now:


General procedure would be:

  • Remove Ubuntu version (apt-get remove mongodb)
  • Add new repo line and gpg key as described above
  • Install 10gen version (apt-get update; apt-get install mongodb-10gen)
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