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I am trying to make a collision test between 2 sprites. One of them is retrieved from a tile map array using the code

CCSprite *tiledsprite = [colLayer tileAt:ccp(pos1X,pos1Y)];

And that's the problem since trying to make the collision test inside a CCRenderTexture offscreen, everytime I call

[tiledsprite visit];

I get the the following assertion error

NSAssert(!usesBatchNode_, @"If CCSprite is being rendered by CCSpriteBatchNode, CCSprite#draw SHOULD NOT be called");

This works as it expected for the mentioned reasons, but I still need to render this tiledsprite inside the CCRenderTexture offscreen.

Is there anyway to overcome this problem and render it as normal sprite ?

I thought to extract the appropriate texture of the mentioned sprite and then draw it with a custom draw. How can I extract a specific texture from the texture atlas ?


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