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I wanted to be able to Pause/ Resume my NSTimer and found this below answer:

NSDate *pauseStart, *previousFireDate;

-(void) pauseTimer:(NSTimer *)timer { 

    pauseStart = [[NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:0] retain];

    previousFireDate = [[timer fireDate] retain];

    [timer setFireDate:[NSDate distantFuture]];

-(void) resumeTimer:(NSTimer *)timer {

    float pauseTime = -1*[pauseStart timeIntervalSinceNow];

    [timer setFireDate:[previousFireDate initWithTimeInterval:pauseTime sinceDate:previousFireDate]];

    [pauseStart release];

    [previousFireDate release];

which works fine. However when testing my App for Leaks, it tells me that I get a leak in here:

[timer setFireDate:[previousFireDate initWithTimeInterval:pauseTime sinceDate:previousFireDate]];

Can anyone help me? You can see from the code i used that pauseStart and previousFireDate are retained in the pauseTime method and released in the resumeTimer method.

Many thanks


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You should never call init (or any of the other methods in the same family) on an object twice. (Here's why). Change that line to this:

[timer setFireDate:[NSDate dateWithTimeInterval:pauseTime sinceDate:previousFireDate]];

and you'll be fine.

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Im glad you edited your answer - well done sir! Works like a dream –  Sam Parrish Mar 22 '12 at 10:49

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