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I downloaded util-linux-2.12b package and and built it. I need to use the login utility in the login-utils folder.

But after running it, it gives a "Login incorrect" for every user even with correct username/password.

Now it seems the utility is not working with /etc/shadow passowrds.

if I disable the shadow passwords by


Its is working fine, while after enabling it with


It stops working again. :(

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Recommending move to server-fault. –  Aiden Bell Jun 12 '09 at 11:08

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Sounds like a build issue. Make sure you got your configure settings right. When I did alot of this building distros, it tended to be either a PAM/Unix authentication compile-time options not being set right or some prior package being bad.

Good Luck!

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I guess so too.. I have updated the symptom with a new pointer.. pls take a look. –  M.N Jun 12 '09 at 7:34
Also any links for resources for configuration option details... ./configure --help isnt working :( –  M.N Jun 12 '09 at 7:39

This is not really a programming question, huh?

You can probably find more/better support by emailing the developer or posting on ServerFault.

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