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I've a little problem with Sorl. I've indexed about 1400 documents by an xml file with the post.jar command. Within the xml file I placed some information like ID, TITLE and URL of the documents.

When I search a document, It finds nothing, but if I specified an attribute, ex. TITLE: IEEE, It finds the documents.

So I change, on schema.xml, the default field search from text to title. In this way it finds documents without specifying the attribute.

Why doesn't it find the content? Did I mess up the indexing by changing the xml file?

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Do a q=*:*. This fetches 10 (implicit default value for rows) documents with all fields and their values. Is all your data indexed properly?

Then do a q=fieldx:val with some known field and value. Do they show up in the results? Can you do more than string matches? If not, you need to choose data types (and storage/indexing options) in schema. Example: string allows only equality and prefix matches and text allows full text search.

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I've tried both commands (*:* and q=field: val) and Solr show me the right result. ;) –  phil2012 Mar 22 '12 at 23:39

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