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I am creating a node by using crrm as below

$("#TreeDiv").jstree("create", $("#somenode"), "inside", { "data":"new_node" });

This function is called through a wizard (i.e I am creating a node in place).
So far I am successful to get a node under #somenode in that tree. The problem when the new node is created it appears focused and still editing of the node name is observed.

Screenshot below -

enter image description here

How can I disable this editing programatically

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Added "skip_rename" parameter at the end in create function to "true" and it worked.

$("#TreeDiv").jstree("create", $("#somenode"), "inside", { "data":"new_node" }, false, true);

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        new_node: "New node name",  
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I know it's old question, but i've used a lot of time searching for an answer to this and kept finding older question with this answer, so maybe this update will help someone. "create" doesnt work anymore for the new version of jstree, use "create_node":

var CurrentNode = jQuery("#TreeMenuDiv").jstree("get_selected");
var id = $("#TreeMenuDiv").jstree('create_node', CurrentNode, value, 'last');
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This worked swimmingly. Thank you. –  mcsilvio Jan 26 at 11:04

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