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I'm using adult data from UCI Here, when I converted it to excel file ==> then import it in weka weka didn't recognize the missing values (which tells Missing:0 (0%)) , but the adult data contains missing values with " ?" value...

I checked the value in weka it also contains " ?" so, how can I replace all " ?" to " " !!! thanks

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How did you solve your problem? My text data also has missing values but weka shows it 0%. In place of missing values, weka is taking 0.0 as the value :( –  phoenix Mar 10 at 11:22

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On explorer, in the preprocess tab, find filter and select choose. Then in the filter, expand filter, then supervised, then attribute. At the bottom, you will find an option "Replace missing value". Double click on that and then click apply. Voila! The missing values are replaced.

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  1. Do not convert to excel.
  2. Open raw file in any text editor.
  3. Replace all spaces with nothing (e.g. Ctrl-H in notepad).
  4. Add header line.
  5. Save as adult.csv (choose all files in file type drop-down list if in notepad)
  6. Open in Weka.
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put "NaN" in the place of missing values .... it will work

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