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I've had some problems under the IDE that were fixed with unsettings and disabling Global menu and the Overlay Scrollbars.

I've reported the problem in Lazarus' Mantis: #0021465, #0021467.
There is also this bug report talking a bit more about it: #0019266

Their solution was to use unsettings to turn off Global Menu and Overlay Scrollbars.

I've had a quick search about the problem and there's an open bug report at Launchpad: overlay scrolling is broken in lazarus.

So, is the problem related to "lib overlay scrollbar"?
If it is, is there a solution via code, to avoid turning off both the Global Menu and Overlay Scrollbars?
If NOT, is there anyone taking notice and fixing the issue?

Many thanks, Gus

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According to Zeljan Rikalo (cf. mantis 0020520) this issue is not fixable from lazarus itself. Instead you can export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 or use libc.putenv() (man putenv) and add LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 to your application.

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