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I created a keyboard using on UITextView's inputView.

I want to align the text from the UItextAlignmentRight but it's not working as it is not calling the UITextViewDelegate method when using inputView.

Any help will be appreciated.

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2 Answers

This might be helpful to people who are experiencing problems with setting of textAlignment for UITextView. I experimented with different Unicode directional characters and found that:

  1. When you set textAlignment property of textView to UITextAlignmentRight, right to left adjustment works correctly if you start your text with a strong left to right character. For example:

    self.textView.text = [@"\u200e\u202b" stringByAppendingString: yourRtLstring];
  2. If you don't set the textAlignment property of textView (or set to default UITextAlignmentLeft), right to left adjustment works correctly for strong RtL characters.

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  1. CHeck if your ViewController is implementing the UITextViewDelegate protocol

  2. Set the UITextAlignment property on the UITextView to UITextAlignmentRight

  3. Which method of UITextViewDelegate are you using?

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