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I am getting the following error, using jQuery POST method in Firefox.

Could not convert JavaScript argument
Line 4

I am using the following code to post information:

                            'title': jQuery('#Titletext'), 
                            'submenuname': jQuery('#submenuname'),
                            'status': jQuery('#status')                           
                        function(data) {                           
                            alert("Data Loaded: " + data);
                        },"json" );
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Use jQuery('#Titletext').val(), otherwise you'll send a a jQuery object not its value. And the same .val() for submenuname and status.

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Thanks, I missed that.. – biztiger Mar 22 '12 at 11:55

You are using jQuery objects as parameters to your AJAX post. You most likely want to use the value of those text boxes. So your code should become:

  'title': jQuery('#Titletext').val(), 
  'submenuname': jQuery('#submenuname').val(),
  'status': jQuery('#status').val()                           
}, function(data) { alert("Data Loaded: " + data); },"json" );

Or you can use the .text() function. Depends on your needs and the elements used obviously.

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