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Okay, my last post did not really get any audience, do I'll try to clarify myself a bit. :)

Could someone give me an example how I should configure my https-connector in order to consume webservice that is secured by client-authentication (i.e. I need to authenticate to the server with sertificate)?

This is my current configuration:

<https:connector name="WSConnector" keepAlive="true" proxyHostname="${proxyHostname}"
  <https:tls-client path="${keystore.location}" storePassword="${keystore.password}" />

  <https:tls-key-store path="${keystore.location}"
    keyAlias="${keystore.keyAlias}" />

  <https:tls-server path="${truststore.location}" storePassword="${truststore.password}" />

In this configuration I have a Thawte certificate and it's private key in "keystore" and server's CA certificate in my "truststore". Is this how this should be done?

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