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<jms:inbound-endpoint queue="InputQueue"/>
<component class="MyComponent"/>
    <when expression="/Response/Status/Success" evaluator="xpath">
         <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="LogInputQueue"/>
         <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="SuccessQueue"/>
    <when expression="/Response/Status/Error" evaluator="xpath">
         <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="LogInputQueue"/>
         <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="ErrorQueue"/>
        <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="LogInputQueue"/>
        <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="ExceptionQueue"/>

In this flow, MyComponent returns either success message as a response or error response or exception?

I need to log the original message from InputQueue in LogInputQueue in all the cases. How do I achieve this in my flow?

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Did you mean to create a log file? In that case, you have to implement log4j using slf4j and use the line

<logger level="log_level" category="your_category" message="#[message:payload]"/>

where log_level is your desired logging level- "error", "debug", "info" etc...

your_category is your category of log defined in the log4j.properties file (it is optional actually)

and message="#[expression:value]" is your message to be logged given as an expression:scope:key combination. Scope is optional here.

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