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I'm getting a 404 on my server (IIS 7) but everything works fine on my dev env (IIS Express). Any ideas what to check for? From this question it seems like the handlers are registered automagically, so I guess there must be something else causing this.

RouteTable.Routes.MapConnection<SignalRConnectionEndpoint>("broadcast", "broadcast/{*operation}");

And the 404 from http://<server>/broadcast/negotiate

Any ideas for what to look for?

(I've gone through the other questions but found nothing similar).

Thanks for any help!

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Thanks to WilliamBZA at http://jabbr.net/#/rooms/signalr pointed me to the sln.

At prod server I was runnning at <server>/<webapp>/brodcast/.. and when calling $connection('/<webapp>/broadcasst') I forgot the webapp at my dev was running on root.


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