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List of 'Available Software Sites' is empty, when running eclipse from '/opt/eclipse' folder. I've followed to the letter the instructions from this web site: http://colinrrobinson.com/technology/install-eclipse-ubuntu/. I'm running Ubuntu 11.10. When trying to install new software (from within eclipse), the list of available sites is empty.

Similarly, when trying to install eclipse using apt-get (that would be 3.7.0 not 3.7.2) - same behavior.

However, when opening eclipse to local folder ~/eclipse, and running ./eclipse (this is the same archive!!) - I see the full list (Indigo, Mylyn, Updates, ... etc.).

What's going on?

EDIT (more investigation): This is for sure a write access to the '/opt' folder. When running eclipse as administrator (sudo eclipse) - I see all the Update locations, and I'm able to install additional software or update. This actually makes sense.

So my modified question: What is the write way to manage a shared copy of eclipse on Ubuntu machine. How do I make sure each user has its own workspace (and other per-user settings, if there are any), while just a single copy of the eclipse program.

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Are you behind a proxy? –  aliasmrchips Mar 23 '12 at 3:43
No, no proxy. What is weirder is that this is same machine, and started from same folder (although deviated). When on ~/eclipse everything is fine. When on /opt/eclise cannot update. I suspect it is an owner (me in the former, root in the latter) issue, or RW access to the /opt location. I mean - i used sudo to 'tar xvf' eclipse to /opt folder. but when running eclipse, I'm mee. How would eclipse be able to update/add software? –  Uri Mar 23 '12 at 9:36

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