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I know I can customize the signin page in the adfs\ls folder. But inside that FormsSignIn.aspx page or master page I want to use a querystring parameter. But HttpContext.Current.Request.Querystring is empty. Any idea? What I want to achieve is to make the layout dependend on a querystring parameter or something like that.

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Not sure why it is empty but there are other ways to do this. Off the top of my head :-)

  • Request.RawUrl
  • Request.ServerVariables["QUERY_STRING"]
  • Request.Params[""]

Does one of these work?

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RawUrl shows the url with the querystring. But ServerVariables["QUERY_STRING"] returns empty. So could decode RawUrl, but why is the querystring not provided by ASP.NET? Strange. –  Jaap Mar 23 '12 at 9:17

Indeed, the query string is not available using the "standard" property. I'm using this in my code:

NameValueCollection queryString = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(Request.Url.Query);

if (queryString.AllKeys.Contains("param"))
    string value = queryString["param"];
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