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I'm doing the following in sage:

sage: Zp = Zmod(101)
sage: Zp(5)
sage: Zp(-1)
sage: Zp(100)

I understand that -1 = 100 mod 101, but I would like for sage to output -1 instead of 100 in both instances.

More generally, when working in Zmod(p), I would like the output to be in the interval (-p/2, p/2].

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Since IntegerMod_int is implemented in Cython for speed, you can't change this behavior at runtime. The easiest way to get the feature you want is to change the repr function defined at sage/rings/finite_rings/integer_mod.pyx, line 1462 (at least, that's the line number in 5.0-beta12). Replace it with something like

def _repr_(self):
    x = self.lift()
    modulus = self.parent().modulus()
    if x <= modulus // 2:
        return str(x)
        return str(x-modulus)
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