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I am setting up a default mock object which I will then test a validation method by changing each one of the properties and verifying the error message. The below test is false because the property ApprovalAmount is always 123.

IConfig configmock; IDocument cerDocumentMock;

private void InitialSetup()
        configMock = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IConfig>();
        cerDocumentMock = MockRepository.GenerateMock<IDocument>();

        cerDocumentMock.Expect(x => x.ApprovalAmount).Return(123);

    public void FailedUploadWithApprovalAmountBeingLessThanZero()
        cerDocumentMock.Expect(x => x.ApprovalAmount).Return(-1);
        CERServ = new CERService(cerDocumentMock, configMock);

        ExpectedString = "The approval amount must be greater than zero.<br/>";

        Assert.Equal(ExpectedString, CERServ.Message);
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Inside InitialSetup you set an expectation on ApprovalAmount and then you do it again in the test. That means the first access to ApprovalAmount will return 123 and the second time its accessed it will return -1.

I don't think you need the first Expectation inside InitialSetup.

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The initial one was there because I am setting up a group of values as default so I can test each one having invalid values. I found that with newest version of rhino you can just set the property to a value instead of using expect. –  Ken Leiphart Apr 5 '12 at 17:36

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