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I'm trying to determine if the MethodInfo object that I get from a GetMethod call on a type instance is implemented by the type or by it's base.

For example:

Foo foo = new Foo();
MethodInfo methodInfo = foo.GetType().GetMethod("ToString",BindingFlags|Instance);

the ToString method may be implemented in the Foo class or not. I want to know if I'm getting the foo implementation?

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Is it possible to tell if a .NET virtual method has been overriden in a derived class?

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Check its DeclaringType property.

if (methodInfo.DeclaringType == typeof(Foo)) {
   // ...
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+1 That's the one :) –  Andrew Hare Jun 11 '09 at 17:09
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Instead of using reflection a much faster way is to use delegates! Especially in the new version of the framework the operation is really fast.

    public delegate string ToStringDelegate();

    public static bool OverridesToString(object instance)
        if (instance != null)
            ToStringDelegate func = instance.ToString;
            return (func.Method.DeclaringType == instance.GetType());
        return false;
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You'll want to look at the DeclaringType property. If the ToString method comes from Foo, then the DeclaringType will be of type Foo.

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