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I'm trying to take this string

where lowercase(pdd.last_name) like 'albert%' 

and replace "pdd" with "p" using this function

sb.replace(queryAdd.indexOf("pdd"), (queryAdd.indexOf("pdd") + 3), "p");

where sb is a StringBuffer, but it doesn't work and here's what it actually returns

where lowercase(pdpast_name) like 'albert%' 

Why does this not replace "pdd" with "p"?

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Yes i have. re-read the question please. –  Catfish Mar 22 '12 at 14:36

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StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer("where lowercase(pdd.last_name) like 'albert%'");
    s.replace(s.indexOf("pdd"),(s.indexOf("pdd")+3), "p");

I think your sb and queryAdd have different data.

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Oh god i think you're right. I shouldn't have been using my queryAdd var for the index, but my string buffer as you've suggested. I've been trying to get this to work for wayyy too long. Thanks. –  Catfish Mar 22 '12 at 14:43

Try this

String str = "where lowercase(pdd.last_name) like 'albert%'";
str = str.replaceFirst("pdd", "p");
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It worked in my case. Have a look at my code (I am assuming this is what you are trying to do)....

StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("where lowercase(pdd.last_name) like 'albert%'");
        String queryAdd="where lowercase(pdd.last_name) like 'albert%'";
        sb.replace(queryAdd.indexOf("pdd"), (queryAdd.indexOf("pdd") + 3), "p");

Output: where lowercase(p.last_name) like 'albert%'

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