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I have a page that contains an iFrame point to a URL with parameters. The URL look like: When it is edited in some of these WYSIWYG the & is changed to & and that work fine. but rarely my log told me that my page.aspx doesn't find the second parameter... if I copy and paste the URL with & in the browser doesn't work that only work inside of the iFrame...

  1. We already look into the possibility my page contain something like this: &
  2. I already tested in Firefox4, IE9 and Chrome17 and look iFrame render & well.
  3. Could be other browser that doesn't support/render & in the iFrame, if so which ones??? Any other idea that suggestion???
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& is used to escape an ampersand (&) in XML. You should always use & instead of just & in attributes such as href. When pasting it in your browser's address bar, you should't use & simply because it doesn't do any form of XML parsing.

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Also consider using double quotes around the parameter, e.g. instead of:

src = ''


src = ""

When I changed that, I didn't need to escape the ampersand anymore

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