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I have an application that:

  1. Copies a file
  2. Pastes the copy with a new name
  3. Modifies it
  4. Saves it

This has been working fine, but then today, I've been getting this error:

Normal was being edited by another Word session. If you save this document with the original name, you will overwrite any changes made in the other session. Do you want to save the document using the original name anyway?

And this is the file location of "Normal.dotm". I've never seen this file and am not manually accessing this file in any of my code.

C:\Documents and Settings\MyUserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dotm

I'm running old code that has worked fine in the past, and I reset my computer, so I don't think any of my processes are screwing this up. What could be causing this? It seems like something happened externally to cause this problem, but I could be wrong. I'm genuinely stumped.

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You might get this save message when you edit the styles or margin settings of the document.

Refer this

I suppress this message in my application because we set some settings for Word when the document opens up

 foreach (Word.Template template in Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.Templates)
    switch (template.Name.ToLower())
        case "normal.dotm":                       
            template.Saved = true;

I have noticed that if you have outlook opened it locks the normal.dotm file so check if your outlook is editing your normal.dotm file

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