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After searching numerous days I'm just going to ask that We are with 5 persons and we're going to develop 2 projects. One project is a JSP website (made in Netbeans) and one is a WPF end application made with C# and developed in Visual Studio 2010.

The idea was basically, making 2 repository's on GitHub and add the other 4 persons to these repositories. But, how do I add them and let them work together on these projects?

Currently I have Git Gui working perfectly with my repository and it can pull and push the files, but with the other guys it isn't. Can you help us please?

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A little bit late, but in the repository, go to settings, then look for collaborators, and then add the other persons working on the project.

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If you own the repository with your personal GitHub account: Add the other github users as collaborators (repo->settings->collaborators), then they have push access and will be able to work with you.

If the repo is owned by an organisation (I assume you are a manager of the organisation): Make a team and manage who can push to projects like that (repo->settings->teams). You control access per-team, so you define a team that can pull, or push and pull, then add the users to it.

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Nevermind, we sorted it out using a other method (Netbeans and and later on Team Foundation Server with – Joey May 15 '12 at 20:19

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