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here is the javascript:

$inputor.on("keyup.inputor", $.proxy(function(e) {
    var stop_key = e.keyCode == 40 || e.keyCode == 38
    lookup = !(this.view.isShowing() && stop_key)
    if (lookup) this.lookup()

how can i translate it into coffesscript? the first argument of a function like $.proxy is a function and still have a second one.

my solution is assign a variable for the first argument, the function, and poss it to $.proxy. but i want a better solution.


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Instead of using the jQuery.proxy function, you could use the CoffeeScript fat arrow => since the context you're trying to use is this

$inputor.on "keyup.inputor", (e) =>
  stop_key = e.keyCode == 40 || e.keyCode == 38
  lookup   = !(@view.isShowing() && stop_key)
  @lookup() if lookup 
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thanks for you answer. I just do what you say. –  ichord Mar 23 '12 at 12:38

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