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I have a project where I use a select statement to select a group of records from a sql table, I need to locked the selected records and then update some and move others to another table. Right now I have a select such as this.

Select item 
from tableA 
where batchno = 123;

I believe I would lock them by writing it like this

Select item 
from tableA with (rowlock, readpast)
where batchno = 123;

This is basically the select then I do an update on each records in a datagridview and place in another table that contains all that has been added to the record as well as the original fields. When I insert the records into the other table I delete the original records,those not updated, I change the batch number on those that are not updated and need to release the lock.

I use the readpast in order that no records already selected will appear for other useres. I believe that is right.

If this is correct I need to know how to release the records. I am new to C# so please make it clear and be patient.

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Which type of SQL, is this SQL Server? –  MatBailie Mar 22 '12 at 15:55

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I believe the lock is released as soon as the transaction commits or rolbacks

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