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Whenever I try running unit tests in Visual Studio, I get the following warnings on a number of my tests, which cause them to fail:

Strong name verification failed for the instrumented assembly 'FULL ASSEMBLY NAME REFERENCED IN WEB APP PROJECT'. Please ensure that the right key file for re-signing after instrumentation is specified in the test settings.`

Note that the FULL ASSEMBLY NAME REFERENCED IN WEB APP PROJECT is a library assembly that we are using from a third-party.

The interesting thing is the assembly warnings above appear in all tests that use FULL ASSEMBLY NAME REFERENCED IN WEB APP PROJECT, not just ones that are exercising the web app project. We reference this assembly in multiple projects.

I find that removing the web application from code coverage in my test settings file causes the test failures to go away...

How do I fix this?

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Found a workaround:

I unchecked the ASP.NET webapp from code coverage in the testsettings, and then added the regular assembly for the webapp into code coverage.

All of the tests passed, and I was still able to get code coverage metrics from the webapp assembly.

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