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I have a box where a user can input a sentence and send it to a database along with their personal information. I need to have a multiline box so that a sentence or short paragraph can be entered and sent. I am able to send the sentence to the table, but if I go over one line, the data is not received by the db. I can type a full line (just one) sentence in the box, and that will be received just fine by the db, but if I go to a second line, nothing is received (not even the personal info). Any ideas why?

Here is my code for the multiline box:


    <requestFocus />
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It might be because you haven't set android:inputType="textMultiLine". The default behavior of EditText is to allow only 1 line.

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This worked. Thanks! –  mkyong Mar 22 '12 at 21:05

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