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I do have a set of openCV Point2f type image points (coordinates). I want to find the 4 nearest neighbors ofo each point in that set. Is there any specific build-in function in openCV to do this or should I measure the distance between each point and decide the four closest?

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Following code will help to find the nearest neighbors of a selected point out of a set of points.

vector<Point2f> pointsForSearch; //Insert all 2D points to this vector
flann::KDTreeIndexParams indexParams;
flann::Index kdtree(Mat(pointsForSearch).reshape(1), indexParams);
vector<float> query;
query.push_back(pnt.x); //Insert the 2D point we need to find neighbours to the query
query.push_back(pnt.y); //Insert the 2D point we need to find neighbours to the query
vector<int> indices;
vector<float> dists;
kdtree.radiusSearch(query, indices, dists, range, numOfPoints);

indices gives the indexes of selected neighbors and dists gives the distances for selected neighbors.

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You could use the k Nearest Neighbour classifier CvKNearest. After you trained the classifier with all your points you can get the k nearest neighbours with calling the function CvKNearest::find_nearest.

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This tutorial could be helpful.

It offers an example of training (as far as I know either using the KNearest constructor or train() method; check the documentation) and recognizing items (by utilizing, as @sietschie mentioned find_nearest() method).

find_nearest() takes an int k value representing the needed amount of neighbors upon which classification is based, the k neighbors' labels could be optionally returned through the parameter neighborResponses, as taken from find_nearest() documentation linked earlier:

neighborResponses – Optional output values for corresponding neighbors.

where, again as part of the documentation, neighbors are:

neighbors – Optional output pointers to the neighbor vectors themselves.

I'm not experienced with those parameters, however provided I understood correctly, neighbors offer the actual neighbors' values, while neighborResponses offers their labels.

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The requested URL /2010/10/k-nearest-neighbors-in-opencv/ was not found on this server. – Jürgen K. Sep 22 at 8:14
Thanks @JürgenK.; the blog seems to have been revamped - I updated the url. – Noha Kareem Sep 28 at 18:01
i get a timeout on request of the documentation – Jürgen K. Sep 28 at 18:26
True, I checked the website itself and it seems down. – Noha Kareem Sep 29 at 20:21

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