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I've been working on adapting arbor.js to use images.

However, being a relative JS noob what I have is totally un-optimised.

As far as I can tell, the way I've set it up is recreating the image object for every image and every frame, resulting in tons of flicker.

Can anyone suggest a way to move the new Image() stuff out of the redraw function into the initiation? As far as I know this is a basic OOP issue, but totally stuck.


Pastebin of where I'm up to on the output script

Current status.

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Ha! Fixed this finally. New code is up if you want to see how I did it on the URL. – kimadactyl Mar 22 '12 at 17:09
May I suggest to add your fix as an answer to the question (and accept that answer), so that the question does not show as un-answered? :) – Djizeus Mar 20 '14 at 10:21
I was about to say "There's no flicker" until I read the comments. Please add your own answer about how you fixed your problem. – DankMemes Mar 24 '14 at 20:48
@kimadactyl: Post an answer yourself below and mark it correct. – Monish Apr 2 '14 at 19:08
Apologies, not logged in here for a while! Answer added, I hope it's clear enough. – kimadactyl Apr 2 '14 at 23:01

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Apologies all! There's a few steps. I'll highlight the key stages, the rest is from the tutorial.

First, add the relevant information to your JSON, for example:

    innovation:{    'color':colour.darkblue, 
                    'image': 'innovation.png',
                    'alpha':1 },
    participation:{ 'color':colour.purple, 
                    'alpha':1 },

Cache all your images when the thing loads.


    // Normal initialisation
    particleSystem = system
    particleSystem.screenSize(canvas.width, canvas.height)
    particleSystem.screenPadding(25, 50)

    // Preload all images into the node object
    particleSystem.eachNode(function(node, pt) {
        if( {
   = new Image()
   = imagepath +

Then, for moving the images themselves...

particleSystem.eachNode(function(node, pt){
    // Image info from JSON
    var imageob =
    var imageH =
    var imageW =
    // Draw the object        
    if ('dot'){
        // Check if it's a dot
        gfx.oval(pt.x-w/2, pt.y-w/2, w,w, {fill:ctx.fillStyle,})
        nodeBoxes[] = [pt.x-w/2, pt.y-w/2, w,w]
        // Does it have an image?      
        if (imageob){
            // Images are drawn from cache
            ctx.drawImage(imageob, pt.x-(imageW/2), pt.y+radius/2, imageW, imageH)
    }else {
        // If none of the above, draw a rectangle
        gfx.rect(pt.x-w/2, pt.y-10, w,20, 4, {fill:ctx.fillStyle,})
        nodeBoxes[] = [pt.x-w/2, pt.y-11, w, 22]
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