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I am developing an application using Symfony2 and twig for templates. I am using a 3 level structure for templates. Base.html.twig, layout.html.twig and childtemplate.html.twig. The problem is I am trying to include one example.html (common html file) in the next child template by using include but it doesnt work properly. Where can the problem be?

{# src/Anotatzailea/AnotatzaileaBundle/Resources/views/Page/testuaanotatu.html.twig #}
{% extends 'AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle::layout.html.twig' %}

{% block title %}Testua anotatu{% endblock%}

{% block body %}
    {% include "var/www/Symfony/web/example.html" %}
{% endblock %}
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Depends on where it's located. Let's say it's in Anotatzailea/AnotatzaileaBundle/Resources/views/example.html.twig; then you would include it like this:

{% include 'AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle::example.html.twig' %}
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Just for reference, if the template is in Anotatzailea/AnotatzaileaBundle/Resources/views/subfolder/example.html.twig, then the include statement must be: {% include 'AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle:subfolder:example.html.twig' %} – Oscar Pérez Dec 4 '13 at 8:38
Just for reference if you multi level subdirectories like Anotatzailea/AnotatzaileaBundle/Resources/views/subfolder/subfolder1/example.htm‌​l.twig then include them like {% include 'AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle:subfolder:subfolder1/example.html.twig' %} – Louwki Dec 26 '15 at 12:58

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