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I created a bar chart in asp.Net4.0 using MS Chart. i.e.

enter image description here

Same chart I want to show in Excel so I tried to create the same chart using C# but i am not able to show Y axes category. Please suggest me how I can do this. Suppose data is:

Category Value Cate1 -8 Cate2 4 Cate3 2 Cate4 -8 Cate5 0

in Excel showing: enter image description here

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Finally I done this myself with the help of Excel settings :)

Axis yAxes = (Axis)xlChart.Axes(XlAxisType.xlCategory, XlAxisGroup.xlPrimary);
yAxes.MajorTickMark = XlTickMark.xlTickMarkCross;
yAxes.TickLabelPosition = XlTickLabelPosition.xlTickLabelPositionLow;

Hope so it will help to someone.


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