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WordPress's wpautop function is really handy, (more or less) intelligently converting newlines to p and br elements.

However, as WordPress is GPL2-licensed, my understanding is that it cannot be delivered in an MIT-licensed product. Is there a "close enough" alternative with a less restrictive license?

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Well I won't sing hymns on wpautop, but that specific function right now is licensed under GPL-2.0+.

If the other project is really MIT licensed, you have at least the option to redistribute everything under GPL-2.0 or later. But that might not be the solution you're looking for.

Instead I suggest you specify your own what you want and create a unit on your own that does what you want. If you develop that test-driven, I'm pretty sure you'll create a function that's more stable than wpautop and you can put it under a MIT license your own.

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Thanks. I suspected as much. I know wpautop is a mess, but it gets it right "enough" considering the garbage it has to parse. –  Steve Clay Apr 16 '12 at 16:10

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