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We are using soap-ui for writing some web-services tests.

I put this xpath validation in one of them:

count(//mynode) > 1

This is working fine while executing from SOAP-UI software, but when the continuous integration (jenkins) execute it (through Maven soap-ui plugin) I receive this error:

[XPath Match] junit/framework/ComparisonFailure    

I guess there is a missing library somewhere but cannot figure what to do.

What is strange is that I do not refers any junit tests as I just call URL's of web-services.

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Can you post the full error? You can also run Maven with the -e or -X parameters for more log/debug information. –  nwinkler Mar 23 '12 at 8:09

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Finally I found that there is a junit dependency to add with the help of this thread

Here is the dependency I had to add in my pom.xml file:


For the maven-soapui-plugin.

The whole config will looks like:

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