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I am spending too much time researching reporting tools. My setup is a (SugarCRM) MySQL database on a wamp server (or maybe it is lamp - I'm not sure yet), but likely to need other environments also. Clients are mostly WinXP, but could have a Mac or two. Would prefer a program like Crystal Reports, but free.

Requirements are:

  • easy to install (including drivers, java/.net, etc)
  • easy to make the report/ rapid development
  • easy for an end user to run
  • db user & Password and/or connection string not available to end user
  • dynamic report that can be emailed or accessed via website by user

Below is a list of programs I am going through with some comments, in no particular order. Feel free to suggest others. Do you have any comments on these? Which would you recommend?

What is your view on these products? Are there others I should look up?

Thank you!

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What is the question here? –  Paul Sonier Jun 11 '09 at 18:32
Does any of the programs listed here, or others, have the listed requirements? I am spending hours on this and want feedback from others experience. –  Burntoutreporting Jun 11 '09 at 18:52
+1 for user ID; I know that feeling. I once had the pleasure of working with an in-house reporting solution; unfortunately, that organization is no longer in business, and the reporting tool was never released to the public. Every time I touch that bloated turd called Crystal, I can feel a bit of my will to live being drawn away ... –  Adrien Jun 11 '09 at 19:01
Is building a custom web-based reporting site within the realm of possibility? Having something customized to your particular needs will typically provide a better user experience, if you can manage it. –  Apreche Jun 11 '09 at 19:48
should be community wiki –  anon Jun 11 '09 at 20:23

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Have you looked at BIRT? it is an Eclipse project

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It also has a server runtime –  David Rabinowitz Jun 13 '09 at 10:07

Try Qlikview, a very strong tool to analyze data. And it is free to use.

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Can you provide a link to Qlickview? –  tcaswell Nov 28 '12 at 21:55

I've used Crystal Reports and Active Reports. I believe that a version of Crystal Reports ships with Visual Studio, but that is only useful if you have coding experience because you will have to have a way for the user to view the reports that you create. I've been out of the Crystal Reports realm for a little while, but I used to work with a Crystal Report management system that at the time was called Crystal Enterprise which allowed for the organizing and scheduling of reports. I'm not sure what they call that product now. You could use this if you don't have programming experience to schedule the report to your users. In my opinion, Crystal Reports tends to be fat (at least in comparison to Active reports). Also, when I deploy a windows app using ClickOnce, the user has to install the viewer to view the reports which takes a while to download and install. It also makes publishing a chore because it copies the viewer up each time I publish which takes forever to copy. I think they have corrected this deployment issue in the latest version of VS, but haven't upgraded to try it yet. I will say that if you scan through the crystalreports tagged questions you'll find that Crystal Reports isn't exactly well liked by a lot of people.

To me Data Dynamics Active Reports is easier to use as a developer for simple reports, but for some complicated report I find Crystal easier probably only because I know it better. I don't think they have a freeware version and it requires programming experience as well to create a viewer for the reports. They may have a product now like Crystal Enterprise for managing reports, but I'm not sure.

I don't have experience with the other reporting products listed. I am just starting to get into SQL Server Reporting services.

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A good setup that has worked well for me on several projects is is a combination of:

  1. http://oreports.com/ OpenReports, runs reports made in JaserReports and BIRT.

  2. Then to make your life easier coding JasperReports, www.jasperassistant.com is an excellent gui editor for rapid reporting.

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I would recommend myDBR, a reporting solution for MySQL and SQL Server. myDBR fulfills most of your requirements:

  • Easy to install: All you need is a web-server with PHP and a respective DB server
  • Rapid development: Reports are written as stored procedures in the DB, myDBR handles the layout so you can concentrate on the business logic of the report
  • Easy for end-users: Only requirement is a web-browser (Firefox, IE, Safari), and you can also use mobile devices (iPhone, Nokia, Android)
  • User authentication: myDBR has its own authentication or can be integrated to existing authentication system (LDAP, SSO)
  • Access of reports: reports can be accessed on the web or sent via e-mail
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Granted I'm biased (disclaimer, I'm the CTO at Windward) but a lot of companies find that free reporting ends up costing them more because the report designers are a giant PITA and so the extra developer time spent designing reports is more than the cost savings of free.

But that is based on what your time is worth. I've traded emails with developers in Vietnam and for them the extra time is less than than what purchasing an easier to use solution would cost.

MySql is a great DB that is easier to use than the commercial alternatives. You can't say the same about free reporting products IMHO. And as I said at the beginning - I am biased.

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