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  • Jboss 6
  • flyway 1.5
  • spring core 2.5.6

structure of the war


The problem

When I try to execute the Flyway migrations inside a MBean loaded at the startup of my JBoss I get the following stack trace.

java.io.FileNotFoundException: URL [vfs:/C:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/ei/deploy/ei-web-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war/WEB-INF/classes/db/migrations/ei/] cannot be resolved to absolute file path because it does not reside in the file system: vfs:/C:/jboss-6.1.0.Final/server/ei/deploy/ei-web-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war/WEB-INF/classes/db/migrations/ei/


  • The flyway base dir is db/migrations/ei
  • The flyway initial version is 5.7.0
  • When launched in a standalone way, migrations are OK
  • IMHO, the problem is the consequence of the unsuccessful scan of the classpath directory.

See com.googlecode.flyway.core.migration.sql.SqlMigrationResolver (L.99)

final String searchPattern = "**/" + sqlMigrationPrefix + "?*" + sqlMigrationSuffix;
Resource[] resources = new PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver(classLoader)
                .getResources("classpath:" + searchRoot + searchPattern);

In my case, resources returns an empty array.

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This sounds like the same issue as https://github.com/flyway/flyway/issues/91

Feel free to cast your vote :-)

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