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In IE 7 when I click on any javascript link for example

"< a href="#" onclick="toggleGroup(); return false;" id="slick-toggle">View Classrooms"

the page will refresh. This is occuring in a drupal project I inherited. This problem doesn't happen in IE7 when I run the same script outside of drupal.

Even in the drupal admin onclick events cause the page to reload.

You can see the behavior here: http://www.goswerve.com/drupalsite/NDT_classroom_locations.php?locZip=98021 Click on the "View Classrooms 11 - 21" link.

Interestingly if you add a # at the end of the url above then that same link works as intended.

Neither my boss or I can figure this out. I'm not even sure it's drupal issue. Any guidance on how to trouble-shoot this issue would be greatly appreciated. My js skills are mediocre so keep that in mind. If you need more info please let me know.

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The problem was this line inside my body tag.


Took it out and every thing works now!

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