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I have a TabPanel wdget that will have an unknow number of TabItems widgets each of them will have an unknow number of FieldSet classes each of them implements


TabItem class has a method to add a FieldSet and TabPanel has a method to add a TabItem.

I would like to know what kind of Editor should I implement on the TabItem class or/and on the TabPanel class in order to provide a FooEditor that will hanlder all the FieldSets as a whole.

I mean when I define:

 myDriver implements SimpleBeanEditorDriver<Foo, FooEditor>

I need that FooEditor will see each FieldSet as a sub-editor.

Any help will be appreciated.

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In your case I believe you would have a regular (TabPanel implements Editor< TabItem>) which you use to edit the normal fields TabItem, then within that Editor you would have (FieldSets implements ListEditor< FieldSet, FieldSetEditor>), where field set is an editor such as (FieldSetEditor implements Editor< FieldSet>).

You would need a driver for each type editor, I recommend googling around for examples of ListEditor and taking a look at the dev guide:

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Not sure I'm understanding what you are saying. TabItem is a widget so TabPanel implements Editor<TabItem> has no sense to me.Each of the FieldSets are already Editors, so Having a FieldSets class that implements ListEditor<FieldSet, FieldSetEditor> also has no sense.In my use case the only Domain Model Object I want to edit is Foo, and each FieldSet is an Editor<Foo> that edits subset of properties of Foo. – Daniel Ardison Mar 23 '12 at 13:03

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