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I'm having a wierd bug with Facebook right now.

Having installed Timeline on my FanPage, I went ahead and tried to make my apps in the new 810px-wide format.enter image description here

Thing is, after I saved that and went to my App to see the results, the app space is still 520px, taking barely half the space available.

I then took the Web Developper tools to find what exactly was blocking me at 520px; I found a div with the class profile-platform-pane and this has the css attributes width:520px and overflow:hidden. Switching it to 810px from the web master tools works. Thing is, this doesn't switch the attribute forever. Just refresh the page and its gone.

Now, what am I doing wrong to make Facebook not give me 810px wide of space?

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i'm having the same issue, but i think the root of my problem is with the app's use of FBML.

if you go to the advanced settings in developers.facebook there's an option for Page Tab iframe -- make sure that's enabled.

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