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I'm getting started with Titanium Studio to build mobile apps. I'm using Beanstalkapp (or any other remote git/svn repository) for version control.

I can't find a way to connect a new project to the remote repository from within titanium studio.

I can: 1 - create a new mobile project and start a new local git repository 2 - import an empty project from the remote git repository

When using 1 I don't know how to commit to a remote repository. When using 2 I don't know how to add a mobile project, I always get "a project with the same name already exists within the workspace"

Any tips on how to set this up conveniently?

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From the file menu in Ti Studio, choose Import, Then choose Git Repository as New Project, click next, enter your beanstalk URI and click finish.

I have not tried this with beanstalk, but it works flawlessly with

Once you have set up the project, access the context menu of the project in the project explorer (ctrl-click) and your git commands will be accessible from the Team menu

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