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I'm looking for a component that contains items which can be selected to show their client areas, to be used on an Eclipse RCP application.

SWT TabFolder and CTabFolder would be the first choices, but I want to try out some alternatives.

There's SWT ExpandBar and I've read about Nebula Pshelf.

Can you tell me some other alternatives?

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You could build your own alternative using a StackLayout and some control(s) to switch between the different "panels." Here's a simple example SWT Snippet.

If you wanted to build an Eclipse Forms UI, you could use ExpandableComposite. See:

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Amazing links! Gotta read all them. – Mario Marinato -br- Mar 23 '12 at 12:36

I can only add the JFace Forms widgets to your list, which include ExpandableComposite and Section, see this article

But I like CTabFolder most. It has some nice options like the optional topRight Control or even customizable CTabFolderRenderer.

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There's also the Eclipse Forms' ScrolledPageBook, which can integrate with other RCP/SWT components.

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