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In my case, documents have two fields, for example, "title" and "views". "views" is represented the num of times that people have visited this document. like: "title":"iphone", "views":"10". I have to develop a strategy that will assign some weights to views, such as the relevance score is calculated by score(title)*0.8+score(views)*0.2. Does lucene can do this? And I want to know whether there are some algorithms related to this question.

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Here is how you can do that:

Query titleQuery, viewsQuery;

BooleanQuery query = new BooleanQuery();
query.add(titleQuery, Occur.MUST); // or Occur.SHOULD if this clause is optional
query.add(viewsQuery, Occur.SHOULD); // or Occur.MUST if this clause is required

// use query to search documents

The score will be proportional to 0.8*score(titleQuery) + 0.2*score(viewsQuery) (to a multiplicative constant).

To leverage your views field, you will probably need to use a ValueSourceQuery.

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You can boost in 3 ways. Depending on your needs you might want to employ a combination

Document level boosting - while indexing - by calling document.setBoost() before a document is added to the index.

Document's Field level boosting - while indexing - by calling field.setBoost() before adding a field to the document (and before adding the document to the index).

Query level boosting - during search, by setting a boost on a query clause, calling Query.setBoost().


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